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Brittany Campbell

New York City, NY            

In an era when genre blending/ bending has become the norm and the computer has become musician’s best friend, it’s seems as if the stage has been set for an artist like Brittany Campbell to emerge. An award winning singer-songwriter/producer and visual artist, Brittany combines elements of RnB, Pop,Edm, Reggae and Alt Rock while serving fantastical imagery by way of MUSIC VIDEO! Brittany got her start in 2011 after her return to NYC. She met with producer/engineer, Rich Keller (DMX, Danity Kane, Mariah Carey) who helped navigate her through her first EP (NERD).

“I was constantly in the club..It was where I felt free. I would LIVE so hard that one day a drag queen that was hosting a party called me up on stage and dared me to sing..I told him I had original music…but really I had the one song ..”Nerd”..I happened to have the track on a CD that Rich had given the night before ,”recalls Brittany. “After I sang, everyone kind of ran up to the stage..I was booked to perform at an even bigger club the next night…it was pretty crazy..Thats what started the whole trip.” Nerd would eventually chart at #7 in Paper Magizine’s club playlist and make top 10 on Next magazine’s Summer Playlist alongside artists such as Rihanna and Robyn.
“Being in clubs…being in clubs in Brooklyn…seeing what people danced to and how they reacted to music really shaped the stuff I made from then on,” says Brittany. “Though, I think by 2012, club culture in New York was beginning to change and so was I.. I was broke…crashing with my friends..recording music wherever I could set up. I started to get involved with the Hip Hop and Rnb scene…started getting into graffiti. I would put stickers up everywhere..angry stickers.. protest stickers mocking the mainstream…and on the positive side, posting stickers of pop icons that I adored like Amy Winehouse, Diana Ross, Erykah Badu, Marley, Aaliyah, Missy, TLC, Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer..I was my way of coping with feeling invisible and powerless ..music wasn’t enough of an expression of that. I wanted something that everyone could see and would have to walk by …daily. Eventually people caught on..street art photographers were following me…taking pictures of my work posting them on different blogs. I developed a different kind of following that surprising trickled back into my music. I started to figure that I could do both. This path lead me to my biggest collaborators today. “

Brittany released her first full length album (Black Summer) late 2012. After 2 years of touring, international collaborations (DJ Okawari, Gomi) and songwriting, she followed up with (Heroes) in 2014. That record not only spawned a fair amount of press attention (Hof Magazine exclaming that “She’s one of those next-level talents who has her hands in everything. And as you can see, she’s fly as hell too. ” and MTVU stating that Brittany “… combines a transcendent voice with a uniquely distinct visual style and attitude…One of our favorite discoveries from the last couple of years.” It also was the first record to have airplay on over 200 stations nationwide making top 10 lists on numerous programs.

“Its funny that Heroes hit the radio. It was a very personal project…I just made what liked…it’s way more chilled out than my other records. My production had definitely matured in big way and I put extra special care into my use of harmony and vocal arrangement….but the best part of Heroes is the collaborations. Some the illest talent in NYC are on that record…and thats forever.” Evidence of the artist’s forward progression—both creatively and commercially—is on full display all over the album. Songs such as Sexy Darth Vader (featuring Redddaz) showcase a darker trap like flow that would intoxicate any listener. The album’s title track epitomizes Brittany’s talent for fusing together hard beats with oozing syth lines to raise up breathtaking sexy vocals. The rest of the album hails to her Jamaican roots as well as her love of 60’s garage rock with her song “Skate”.

“Genres have become so blurry now… to stick to one is not really true to who i am, the music i grew up with, or the many different kinds of music that geek out over. I am at the mercy of all that history.” explains Brittany. ” I grew up in Flatbush..Reggae bumping out of every window. I sang in the Metroplitan opera from 9-14. My grand uncle was obsessed with jazz and made sure I listened to Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Coltrane , Stan Getz..and then there was the radio which gave you cool rnb flows, hip hop and alt rock. I’m a mosh posh but great music can be made using all that information. I’ll make up a genre title, if people would prefer..I find that the most common word used is pop..which i’m cool with.”
Brittany continues to push the envelope visually, now branching into animation which can be seen in her music video for Heroes. This got the attention of super model, Shaun Ross, who praised it for the protagonist’s uncanny resemblance to himself. It also has been featured at several animation festivals.


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From the album HEROES by Brittany Campbell
Music and Animation by Brittany Campbell 2015
About a love between an albino man and the moon…

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