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Chris Kincaid

Louisville, KY         

Chris Kincaid, a native of Kentucky, is a composer and performer of acoustic and electronic music. His music is inspired by his surroundings in Louisville and the community therein. This is not a romantic view of horse racing and bluegrass music (although bluegrass music can be pretty great.) It’s mostly informed by a community of experimental improvisors, diy electronics, and digital signal programming. While working on his own music Chris strives to incorporate and understand concepts behind popular music including the importance of regular pulse and tertian sonorities. While these characteristics may not always appear on the surface level of his music, their impact is always there.

Chris’s music has been performed by Talea Ensemble, Longleash Trio, the Thompson Street Opera Company, Mothership Ensemble and many solo performers of new music including Jakob Kullberg. Chris was the recipient of the Moritz von Bomhard Fellowship while completing his Master of Music under the guidance of Mark Satterwhite and Krzysztof Wolek at the University of Louisville. He has had lessons and participated in masterclasses with renowned composers, including Essa-Pekka Salonen, Louis Andriessen, Michel van der Aa, Bent Sorensen, Brett Dean, Simon Bainbridge, Sydney Hodkinson, Chen Yi, and Djuro Zivkovic. More information about Chris and upcoming works can be found at his website, www.ChrisKincaid.com


SGNLFLW (Signal flow) is the path an audio signal takes from a source to an output. A traditional synthesizer signal flow begins with an oscillator, followed by a transformation through filtering processes, ending with an amplification section that defines the sounds attack and decay. The transformative property of a signal flow creates an unlimited variety of sound. Signal flow is the impetus behind this piece for piano trio. The sounds are at times reminiscent of various filter chains, and the form is inspired by synth-heavy popular music.

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Overshot (string quartet) II. Overshot

Overshot is a technique that became a staple of folk art created in the home by women in the 1800’s and flourished in Appalachia into the early 20th century. Identifiable patterns emerged, were shared, and passed down through the generations. These patterns were woven into bed coverings referred to as a coverlet. These coverlets are striking in their appearance with their geometric shapes and standard color palette of white and indigo. I came upon this folk art through a collection by Lou Tate and curated by the Little Loomhouse in Louisville.

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California Zephyr (for solo cello)

The California Zephyr is the longest passenger train route in the country. Zephyr means, “a wind blowing from the west.” This seemed appropriate as it took me from Emeryville, California to Chicago, Illinois. In that 2,400 miles I saw a wealth of beauty from the Rocky Mountains, the winding Colorado river, the Ruby Canyon, and the ghostly Bonneville salt flats. On this journey home I met a kindred spirit, a cellist named Jari. We talked for some time while admiring the pre-dusk desert. This piece is for him.

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