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Craig Shepard

Brooklyn, NY      

Craig Shepard writes music related to stillness. He directs Music for Contemplation, leads silent walks, and writes music for large groups outdoors.

Recent projects include Broken Silence, in which music supports listeners engaging with the scandal in the Catholic Church; On Foot: Aubervilliers 24 group silent walks and field recordings;  On Foot: Brooklyn,a 780-mile, 91-day walk on which he walked everywhwere he went composed a new piece every week and performed it in a public space in Brooklyn every Sunday; Trumpet City a live installation outdoors of 40 or more trumpets; and On Foot, a 250-mile, 31-day walk across Switzerland on which he composed a piece every day, wrote it down, and performed it on trumpet outdoors in a public space every evening at 6:00 pm. He has performed with Christian Wolff, the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Christian Kobi, Beat Keller, Jürg Frey, Collegium Novum Zürich and many others.

His music is published by Edition Wandelweiser. It has been described as”dreamlike melancholy” (Steve Smith, New York Times) “touchingly beautiful” (Wolfgang Fuhrmann, Berliner Zeitung) and “truly invulnerable” (Martin Preisser, St-Galler Tagblatt). It has been featured at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Moments Musicaux Aarau, the Akademie der Künste Berlin, the Kunstraum Düsseldorf, Experimental Intermedia New York, Roulette NYC, The Stone NYC, Issue Project Room Brooklyn, Real Art Ways in Hartford, the Deep Listening Center in Kingston, New York, and throughout Europe and the United States.

Craig Shepard discusses music in public spaces as well as his project On Foot: Brooklyn here: http://watch.thirteen.org/video/2219296310/

Trumpet City: Bern

40 Trumpets line both sides of the Aare River in Bern, Switzerland. Presented by Christian Kobi and Dampfzentrale.

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Music Nova performs “Snow Like Wool”

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Broken Silence

Excerpt from 75-minute workshop performance August 9th, 2019. Music by Craig Shepard. Text: Letter from Margaret Gallant to Bishop Madeiros August 10th, 1982. Kristen McKeon, Erin Rogers, saxophones, Dev Ray, Alex Lahoski, Elisa Corona, steel string acoustic guitars with ebow.

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