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Elisabet Curbelo Gonzalez

Salt Lake City, UT      

Elisabet Curbelo is a Spanish composer and performer born in Gran Canaria. She studied piano pedagogy, voice and composition in her hometown, Madrid and Istanbul. She holds a PhD in Music Composition from UC San Diego under the mentorship of Roger Reynolds.

Elisabet’s work and dedication has been valued throughout her career by diverse institutions, as she has been awarded numerous grants, prizes, and commissions. Her pieces have been performed in Spain, Turkey, USA, Germany, Switzerland and Holland. Her research focuses on the use of sensors to control electronics with movement and the use of extended vocal techniques based on her study of Middle Eastern music and culture.

Dr. Curbelo has recently been appointed Assistant Professor of Electroacoustic Music Composition and Music Theory at University of Utah.


For large ensemble and conductor/percussionist.
L’anello (the ring) is a piece about sound, space and the choreographic gestures of the conductor who is also a soloist. The piece was inspired by the multifaceted work of Steven Schick. Here the gestures of the conductor mix traditional conducting movements with different gestures and movements created to indicate changes in volume, articulation and the spatialization of sounds in certain parts of the piece.
More information: http://www.elisabetcurbelo.com/portfolio/lanello-2018/

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for violin, clarinet and piano with wearable controllers.
e-quantum is a piece commissioned by Auditorio de Tenerife to be premiered by Quantum Ensemble. The acoustic and electronic materials of this piece are closely related. The gestural control of the sound is planned and notated in the music score so each instrumentalist triggers prerecorded audio samples that contain material played by another instrument of the ensemble.
More information: http://www.elisabetcurbelo.com/portfolio/e-quantum-2017/

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Ululations and Gurgles of the Invisible

Interdisciplinary piece for percussion, five dancers, piano, soprano, American and Spanish Sign Language, video, lights and wearable controllers.
Ululations and Gurgles of the Invisible is an interdisciplinary piece where visual and auditory experiences are connected not only by their content but also through the use of wearable controllers containing different types of sensors.
More information: http://www.elisabetcurbelo.com/portfolio/ululations-and-gurgles-of-the-invisible-2018/

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