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Eric Lyon

Blacksburg, VA      

Eric Lyon is a composer and computer music researcher. Major areas of focus include computer chamber music, spatial orchestration, and articulated noise composition. Recent works include "Spirits", a 43-channel electroacoustic piano composition for the ZKM Kubus, "Variations on Psycho-Killer" for violinist Pauline Kim-Harris, and "Noise Variations" for ensemble mise-en. Lyon plays piano with the Noise Quartet, and computer with the Biomuse Trio. His music is commercially available on Everglade Records, Capstone Records, EMF, Isospin Labs Records, Sound’s Bounty, Centaur Records, Smart Noise Records, Ash International, and Bohn Media. Lyon has taught computer music at Keio University, IAMAS, Dartmouth College, Manchester University, Queen’s University Belfast, and is currently Associate Professor of Practice at Virginia Tech.

Variations on Psycho Killer

Violinist Pauline Kim Harris Performs Variations on Psycho Killer, a work I composed for her in 2011.

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