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Eugene Holley, Jr.

Eugene Holley, Jr. writes about jazz and culture for New Music Box, Down BeatPublishers WeeklyHot House, Chamber Music, and Playbill. His work has appeared in The Village VoiceNPR: A Blog SupremeVibeWax Poetics, and The New York Times Book Review.  His writings are included in three books: Writing Music: A Bedford Spotlight ReaderAlbert Murray and the Aesthetic Imagination of a Nation, and Best Music Writing: 2010. He was the Program Director of WCLK-FM, Clark-Atlanta University, a freelance arts reporter/producer for NPR and co-produced two radio documentaries: Dizzy’s Diamonds and The Duke Ellington Radio Project. His latest liner notes are for the Sunnyside Records reissue, Shorter by Two: The Music of Wayne Shorter Played on Two Pianos by Kirk Lightsey and Harold Danko.

NewMusicBox Articles

NewMusicBox March 14 2018 | By Eugene Holley, Jr.
Beats, Record Bins, and Retail Life: A Tower Records Appreciation

When brick-and-mortar record shops went the way of the analog dinosaur, some very important, humanistic interactions that advanced the music culture went with them: namely, the group experience of listening,...

NewMusicBox September 20 2017 | By Eugene Holley, Jr.
Notes from the Custerdome: A Jazz Appreciation of Steely Dan

Steely Dan proved that pop music could be harmonically complex and quirky in the early to mid-'70s, when the then-new FM format allowed for longer cuts, and more expansive playlists,...

NewMusicBox May 28 2014 | By Eugene Holley, Jr.
Profiling the Jazz Police

There's a belief among musicians that there is a cabal of jazz writers, reporters, and critics who influence, undermine, and control jazz musicians. As someone who has had the tremendous...

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