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Harvestworks’ mission is to support artists in the creation and presentation of art works achieved through the use of new and evolving technologies. Harvestworks is a leader in the field, committed to fostering innovative work and developing broad audiences through high-visibility programs. We are dedicated to presenting the highest quality work across the arts and technology spectrum to the public.

The Harvestworks facility realizes our vision by providing a place to experience the immense creative and cultural potential of new technology in music and the arts. Our Technology, Engineering, Art and Music (T.E.A.M.) lab is at the center of our international electronic arts center and is an important cultural destination for audiences and artists from around the world.

Founded in 1977 by composers and sound artists, Harvestworks was the first arts organization to offer composers access to state-of-the-art equipment for recording and sound experimentation. We have always been an open and accessible community space, offering networking opportunities in addition to computer-based instruments for composers to create their work, to orchestrate music and film soundtracks, and to investigate the potentialities of new hardware and software.   The history of Harvestworks is in many ways a record of the development the artists’ impact on the ways technology can be integrated into the creative process. We are deeply involved, our primary focus is aesthetic; the technology is always a tool, an instrument integrated into the artist’s practice.

Harvestworks has always brought the work created in our center to the larger public inviting audiences to enjoy the completed work of artists working here. In the last ten years, we have developed a substantial series of presentations, workshops, festivals and symposia that range from informal workshop/demonstrations of works in progress or new tools, to international concerts and conferences.

Since 2007, we have produced the New York Electronic Art Festival (NYEAF) that has attracted a cumulative audience of 92,000. Our major partners and sponsors for the festival have included NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression International Conference), New York University, Eyebeam, Roulette, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, 3LD Art and Technology Center, arts>World Financial Center, The Trust for Governors Island, River to River Festival, Trinity Wall Street, Hells Kitchen Cultural Center, the Museum of the Moving Image and the New York Hall of Science. Through concerts, workshops, lectures, panels and exhibitions, the festivals are a comprehensive look at the most recent artists projects produced in the Harvestworks community.   Additional work produced in our production studios has been presented at The Gershwin, Mannes College of Music, Sculpture Center, The Stone, High Zero Festival, The Orpheum LA , Currents Santa Fe, Singapore Arts Festival, the Edinburgh International Festival, The Kitchen, Issue Project Room, Library of Congress, EMPAC and Here Art Center.

Our Community: Our marketing demographics show that our community ranges from 18 to 54 with slightly more women than men with a majority from NYC. They are in the lower income brackets but may have a college education, are adventurous and avidly interested in their culture.They have technical knowledge to share and they want to be inspired by individuals who are using technology creatively.

Over 250 artists come to Harvestworks annually because they get individual attention for their projects. Through our day to day contact with artists we have now become aware of an increasing demand to be part of an ongoing, larger network for innovation that will reach a greater public interested in innovative approaches to new music and technology.

Our Position in the Field: In a recent focus group comprised of interns, former Artists in Residence, students and affiliates of Harvestworks, the participants agreed that Harvestworks is a technologically advanced organization that is supportive and provides a good platform for artists to develop creative ideas. They also felt that it was artist driven, had a strong community, was open, accessible and a good hub for networking.

Our Upcoming Schedule includes  performances by Lea Bertucci, Jane Rigler, Michael Schumacher/Nisi Jacobs, Morton Subtonick, Joan La Barbara, Martha Mooke, Annie Gosfield, Paul D. Miller, Marco Donnarumma, William Hooker and Shelley Hirsch.

About Harvestworks

Art Institutes Change is short video that shows examples of Harvestworks’ programs and services for artists working with new and evolving technologies. The first clip is from the Mad Max Noise Vest, created by Jimmy Joe Roche in our 2012 Creative Residency Program. The other clips demonstrate the range of our activities from concerts to workshops and installations. The New York Electronic Art Festival (NYEAF) is also produced by Harvestworks and creates a responsive public context for the appreciation of cutting-edge electronic music and art.

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Samson Young and the Mivos Quartet: Anatomy of a String Quartet

The Anatomy of a String Quartet is a study of media technology as tools for augmenting, extending and reconfiguring the musician’s body. Each member is monitored by a multitude of sensing apparatus, from eye tracking glasses to brainwave sensors. The bio-sensory data generated by the quartet in-performance become materials for the laptop musician’s audio-visual improvisation. It becomes an audio-visual performance with/through a “prosthetically amplified” string quartet. Recorded at the Harvestworks’ 2015 New York Electronic Art Festival.

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Quadraphonic Cello by Lea Bertucci in collaboration with MV Carbon and Tommy Martinez

Performed at Harvestworks on 1/12/2016, this instrument, multichannel installation and platform for audio-visual composition, the Quadraphonic Cello re-imagined a classical cello as a vehicle for surround sound and video. The strings of the instrument were removed and replaced with piezo electric wire. When the cellist bows, plucks or taps this wire, four discrete signals are produced and routed to a multichannel array of speakers. Developed though the Artist In Residence Program at Harvestworks.

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