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Heidi Duckler Dance

Los Angeles, CA            


Heidi Duckler Dance creates place-based performances that transform non-traditional spaces, providing learning opportunities and engaging diverse communities, in the belief that the arts can change our vision of the world and of ourselves.


Heidi Duckler is the Artistic Director and founder of Heidi Duckler Dance. Since its inception in 1985, she has choreographed more than 200 original dance works at unique sites in Australia, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, Montreal, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, and throughout Southern California. Titled “the reigning queen of site-specific performance,” by the L.A. Times.

She earned a BS in Dance from the University of Oregon and an MA in Choreography from UCLA, and is currently a Board Member of the University of Oregon’s School of Music and Dance Advancement Council. Duckler was recognized with an American Masterpieces Award from the National Endowment for the Arts to tour Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre’s signature work “Laundromatinee,” and was awarded two Dance/USA Engaging Dance Audiences grants. She has most recently been honored with the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival’s Maverick Award,and LA Weekly’s Best Site-Specific Dance Company Los Angeles, was featured as a TedxUCLA speaker in 2015 and guest lecturer for UCLA in 2018. Duckler is married to Dan Rosenfeld.


“As a choreographer I’ve imbued non-traditional sites with performances for over 30 years. The strength and distinctiveness of my work depends on a solid foundation of place, be it geographical, cultural, social, historical, architectural, environmental, political and/or personal. Location, history, and community have inspired my work, yet my choreography has evolved with each place. Sites are catalysts and collaborators within my choreographic process.”

Working with a diverse range of dancers, I negotiate performers’ movement styles around architecture, audience members, and each other. With input from creative partners and collaborators (dancers, musicians, architects and community members, among others), a truly site-specific and environmentally responsive work emerges, capturing the multiple dimensions of each place, performer, and collaborator.” ~Heidi Duckler

Interrupted Story: Puerto de Ideas Festival (2018)

Puerto de Ideas Festival, Valparaíso, Chile on November 10, 2018. A new work created in a former prison, repurposed as an arts center in Valparaíso, Chile. Choreographed by Heidi Duckler in collaboration with her dancers Jillian Meyers, Ryan Walker Page and Himerria Wortham. Inspired by their surroundings and the Chilean culture, Duckler and the dancers took the audience on an captivating journey of movement that included live music by percussionist Nick Hon & Valparaíso violinist, Beatriz Urtubia Villagrán.

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Ramona at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse (2018)

RAMONA is inspired by the quintessential California story of the same name, written in 1884 by Helen Hunt Jackson. A west-coast coming-of-age story, Ramona was wildly popular across the country during a time when pageants were all the rage at the turn of the 19th century. Amplifying the golden romantic myth of California, Ramona became used as a branding tool for the state, and was a leading driver for people to migrate there from all across the country.

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LOADED at the Ford Theatres ( 2018 )

Loaded premiered in October 2018 at the Ford Theatre’s loading dock. Performers and audience share the confined space of the Ford’s loading dock, transformed by Duckler into an arresting site-specific work. As our society contemplates the implications of erecting walls – both physical and psychological – Loaded explores how borders manifest in physical space. HDD dancers include Raymond Ejiofor, Lenin Fernandez, Micaela Taylor and Himerria Wortham with live music composed and performed by Justin Scheid and Sarah Belle Reid.

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