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I Moving Lab

New York, NY         

I Moving Lab is an international, indigenous, inter-cultural, inter-disciplinary global arts collective. We explore relationships to community conversations connected to indigenous futurity, finding wellness and balance with our ancestors, ourselves and our stories. Our work seeks to create interactive opportunities to explore ceremonial and creative boundaries through dance, embodiment, adornment, audio-visual, blogs, written and drawn markings and medicines through song, plants and site activations. We do not discriminate and seek to empower the space of healing and transformation for all. Our priority and love goes towards the First Nations peoples of the world and addressing how we heal together.

I LAND 2018 is our contribution to an ongoing dialogue that honours and acknowledges the Lenape people, Manahatta and Lenapehoking as ancestral spaces. Despite the histories that have caused a disconnect to ancient life forces, we can recover something of the vibration that was never lost. Through a laboratory of different cultural performance makers and culture bearers, we witness the ways in which breath, markings, regalia, ceremonial practices, spoken word, expressive physicality and invocations of past-present-future unwittingly tie us all together in an incubation of collective oneness. This is a gathering place of many peoples voices, bodies and souls.

The Culmination

“The Culmination” completed I LAND 2017 a two-month roaming festival (of sorts). “The Culmination” was the showcase of the process, after a few weeks of rehearsal and creativity with the NYC based dancers, we decided that the most conducive environment for the intention of the work needed to be outdoors based. After several enquiries looking for an appropriate space, we were blessed by the generosity of our friend Hosanna Sophia Littlebird who invited us to Callicoon in upstate New York to present the work.

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