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Joey Brink

Chicago, IL   

Joey Brink is the sixth University Carillonneur at the University of Chicago, where he performs on the seventy-two bell Rockefeller Memorial Carillon and directs a carillon studio of twenty students. He serves on the board of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America and co-chairs the Johan Franco composition committee to promote new works for carillon.

 Brink began his carillon studies at Yale University with Ellen Dickinson in 2007; graduated with greatest distinction from the Royal Carillon School in Mechelen, Belgium in 2012; and studied further with Geert D’hollander at Bok Tower Gardens in 2015. He received first prize at the International Queen Fabiola Carillon Competition in Mechelen in 2014, and has toured North America and Europe extensively as a performer. Brink is regularly a recitalist at congresses of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America and the World Carillon Federation, most recently as a soloist with the Barcelona Municipal Symphonic Band in June 2017. He performed the 50th anniversary recital at University of California, Riverside in 2016, and the inaugural recital at Salisbury University in 2017. He released his first album, “Letters from the Sky”, alongside his performance at Chicago’s Ear Taxi Festival, in October 2016.

Brink is an award-winning composer for carillon, and works with graduate composition students in the University of Chicago’s Department of Music, under the direction of Augusta Read Thomas, introducing them to the art of composing for the bells. He is additionally interested in the design of practice carillons, and has published and presented on his work to improve the functionality and affordability of practice instruments. He and his wife, Vera Wünsche Brink, perform duet carillon recitals, and are avid outdoor enthusiasts, spending much of their free time camping, hiking, and canyoneering on the Colorado Plateau.

Letters From The Sky

“Letters from the Sky” is Joey Brink’s tenth work for solo carillon and his first for the grand seventy-two bell Rockefeller Memorial Carillon at the University of Chicago. The piece was commissioned for the Ear Taxi Festival in Chicago 2016, and appears as the final track on his album by the same title, published by Rockefeller Chapel in 2016.

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Salisbury University Inaugural Dedication Concert

Joey Brink, Carillonneur form the University of Chicago, inaugurates the Brown and Church carillon at Salisbury University, Sept. 6, 2017.

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the curve is exponential

Dec 2, 2017 – University of Chicago commemorated the 75th anniversary of the first self-sustaining nuclear reaction, which occurred on Dec. 2, 1942. The experiment led by Enrico Fermi paved the way for the Manhattan project and devastating nuclear weapons that followed. Composer Ted Moore wrote this 28-minute work for carillon and electronics. The premier performance performance on Dec 2, 2017, from 3:25 – 3:53 pm, occurred during the exact time of day of the 28-minute experiment itself.

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