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ela lamblin

Vashon, WA      

Just as an accumulation of molecules grows into an intelligent organism, a performance is an accumulation of parts into something greater than the sum, an evolution of ideas that results in something alive and growing. The molecules of my performances are both tangible – sculptures, scores, film, dance movements – and intangible: the love of playfulness I knew as a child that evolved into a love of creating things, a love of music, and a love of performing.

I have played music from childhood, but when faced with choosing a college I chose an art school (the Atlanta College of Art) because it was easier to make music at an art school than art at a music school. I majored in sculpture,  but my pieces escaped the walls of the gallery and museum. Sculpture is something to breathe life into, to give a voice in song. I am an inventor of unique sounding forms that lend themselves to spectacle and presentation, and I am a performer that delights in surprising the audience with my ingenuity, artistry, and physical agility. My building blocks are sculptural form and space, sound and music, and kinetic  movement. My ideas revolve around fusing these elements together, with the performance company Lelavision as their vessel for expression.

The root word of Lelavision, “Lela,” is both a play on the names  Ela and Leah and a Sanskrit word meaning “creation” or “creative spark.” Combining modern and aerial dance, music, theater, and large interactive musical sculptures, Lelavision performances offer innovative works of awe and whimsy. In this collaborative work, Leah Mann and I have created a form and esthetic that is rooted in a minimalist sensibility in both sculptural form and music, in the whimsical nature of an inventive spirit, and in the graceful refinement of choreographed movement.

Lelavision’s first international performance was at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2000. Since then they have toured eight countries, performing at theaters, festivals, hospitals and other venues. Highlights include performances with Cirque du Soleil in Toronto, 2009, and Montreal, 2008; at Teatro de la Tosse in Genoa, Italy, in 2005; at the KinderKinder Festival in Hamburg, Germany, in 2011; and at International Festivals in Tokyo, Singapore, Haifa, Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle, St. Paul, and Philadelphia. 

Lelavision’s appeal to a diversity of audiences is exemplified in invitations to perform for entities as different as the national convention of the Acoustical Society of America (Portland, OR, 2009), the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (Washington, DC, 2011), and the Good Experiences Live conference (New York City, 2008). 
In 2008 Lelavision was awarded a grant from Emory University’s Program in Science & Society for collaboration with scientists to present scientific information to the general public in a variety of formats. “Fertile Eyes," the video collaboration with biologist Dr. Anna Edlund,” was grand prize winner of the Chlorofilms Competition in 2009. 

Heavy Metal DeVices promo

An edited short from Lelavision’s show at the Moore Theater on December 16th 2013.

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