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sean tamman

Bellingham, WA         

Sean R. Tamman a.k.a Loc Saint has been making music indiependently for the majority of his life. Loc’s musical journey began in the year of 1996. Loc grew up on welfare and in poverty in a single parent household with his mother and disabled brother in the border city of Bellingham Washington on the southside of town. Loc Saint is what is known as a life long artist, starting at 12 years old writing poems and songs which he would record on his tapedeck, he has been making music almost his entire life. Loc released his first album "Broken Mind" at the age of 15 and has gone on to self-release 8 more albums on his own. As an indie artist Loc Saint has built himself up as a massive online presence, growing a very loyal and dedicated fanbase called "Locsterz" that have come to consider Loc Saint a legend in the world of underground rap music. . Loc’s insane harmony’s consist of rock vocals that mix hints of funk and goth twisted together with a splash of rnb, which makes listening to one of this solo artist’s song’s sound like your listening to an entire choir, or full band. This truly is the unique sound of what can only be called "Loc Saint Music". In an industry of "Image", Loc stands apart as a very real artist, unlike the rented cars, barrowed mansion, and leased jewelry of the mainstream rap industry, Loc Saint makes music that details true stories of what he’s been through. A Life that his fan’s know by listening to every lyric, has been tough, strange, and sometimes incredibly insane. Transparent, relatable and gripping are the stories Loc conveys, knowing they are 100% true is what makes Loc Saint a real artist in a day and age of false imagery. Loc’s album "Massacre" has been dubbed one of the best underground rap album’s of 2014 by fan’s, critic’s and fellow artist’s in the underground. In Loc’s 18 years in the underground music business, he has worked with legendary artist’s such as Gucci Mane, Twisted Insane, legendary recording artist Terry "Zapp" Troutman formerly of Zapp&Roger, the true first lady of rap Zigg-Zagg, and many more.

Locsterz ( Ft.Terry “Zapp” Troutman)

Loc Saint’s song “Locsterz” Features the legendary recording artist Terry “Zapp” Troutman formerly of world famous group “Zapp&Roger”.

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I Made It

Loc Saint’s song “I Made It” details the struggles over 18 years in the underground, while trying to reach mainstream industry status. The rejection’s and twist’s and turn’s of the music industry.

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Loc Saint’s song “Untouchable” is his smash single off his new album. This song details Loc’s personal challenges throughout his life, which has been a life of severe struggle, strange events, and determination. Overcoming all of Loc’s obstacles in his life show’s Loc’s character as a person and an artist.

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