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Murat Çolak

Boston, MA         

Murat Colak (b.1984) is a Turkish composer of growing international recognition. He recently lives, composes and pursues his doctoral studies in Boston, United States.

Murat creates pieces for live performers and electronics. His work focuses on developing a unique musical language whose formal aspects, sound-world and performance are informed/influenced by practices found in the indigenous musics of his homeland and popular musics of this century.

He is the first recipient of the Boston University Center for New Music (BUCNM) Fellowship for doctoral studies. He, also, works as the Director’s Assistant at BUCNM where he conducts advertising and PR activities while taking part in the production of events/concerts/residencies and organization of composition colloquia and masterclasses with renowned composers that are active in the US and Europe.

Murat’s works are performed worldwide. His recent collaborators include Ensemble Dal Niente (USA), Meitar Ensemble (Israel), Wet Ink Ensemble (USA), Ensemble Mise-en (USA), Vertixe Sonora Ensemble (Spain), Scenatet (DK) Ensemble Nodus (Turkey), Christian SmithRosa Soler (Switzerland/Austria), Audrey PerreaultKrystina Marcoux (Canada), Sam Kelder (USA) and Chiara Percivati (Italy).


Râh was commissioned by the Ensemble Vertixe Sonora for VertixeVigo Festival 2015 and is scored for baritone saxophone, percussion, prepared piano/analogue synthesizer, amplified button accordion/reverb unit, prepared cello and prepared bass.

Greatly influenced by the religious musics of his homeland and the industrial soundscapes of contemporary ambient music and techno, in Râh, Çolak combines the concepts and sounds of the ancient and the new, and invites the audience to take part in an ecstatic sonic experience.

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A Song Sung Together

A Song Sung Together was written for and premiered by the Parisian contemporary music collective Ensemble Multilatérale and is scored for flutes, tenor saxophone, prepared violin, prepared violoncello, sine tone generators (smart-phones), auxiliary percussion and butane lighters/candles.

The piece is a sonic/visual rendition of a drinking ritual, a journey from consciousness to a collective ecstatic state by the last section of which the ensemble starts singing a song all together.

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Composed for and premiered by Christian Smith (crotales/prepared bass drum/prepared bass marimba/prepared singing bowl) and Rosa Soler (piccolo/bass flute/floor castanet/sine tones) in 2015 at impuls festival – Graz, Austria.

Nefes.Pas.Çıra.Işı is a meditation on very delicate sonic materials. The execution of the sounds used in the piece requires patience and absolute dedication. The result is an intense physical/mental performance situation. These sounds also define different sections of the piece.

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