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New York, NY            

Described as displaying “aggressive and virtuosic prowess” and “brilliance of sound, technical mastery, and stunning expressivity” by I CARE IF YOU LISTEN, violin duo Miolina  (violinists Mioi Takeda & Lynn Bechtold) is creating and shaping the violin duo repertoire of the 21st century. They enjoy collaborating with composers and other artists, often incorporating electronics and video elements into their programs. In 2017, they were chosen to join New Music USA’s Impact Cohort.

Minnehaha Miniatures by Lynn Bechtold for two violins and pre-recorded electronics.

Miolina performs Lynn Bechtold’s ‘Minnehaha Miniatures’ at Chicago’s Experimental Sound Studio, August 2016. Composed for Miolina. Alex Inglizian, sound engineer.

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