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Nick Jamison

Brooklyn, NY            

Nick Jamison is a British American mysterious, ecstatic Rock legend in the making. A truly great self taught musician influenced by rock greats such as Aerosmith, Chuck Berry, Led Zeppelin, T. Rex, David Bowie, Lenny Kravitz… the list goes on and on. He started playing music and performing at as young as 3 years of age on drums and at 4 he got the opportunity to dance on stage at South Street Seaport in NYC for Funk Master Flex. Ever since then Nick always knew that he wanted to entertain people from the stage for a living.

Nick grew up in a musical household, his father Matt Jamison (Founder of Feed Your Mind Music) is a pianist and a songwriter himself, which inspired Nick Get inspired to play music at such a young age. As Nick got older he began learning as many instruments as possible until he stumbled upon Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters at the age of 11. Once Nick saw the blues and rock legends it changed his world completely. He began playing guitar for at least 5 hours a day. His taste in music , the way he talked, and the way he dressed all changed. Still to this day Nick strives to be different from the bunch and does his best not to follow the hype.

When Nick turned 14 he began performing in many NYC nigtclub’s with his first band “Movin’ Out” at venues such as Lit Lounge, Arlene’s Grocery and The Morgan to name a few. After just a couple of month of performing in nightclubs Nick began to receive offers to be a session guitarist for many local up and coming music artist and groups (like Ninjasonik for example) which opened doors to many of great opportunities with Mtv, BET, Afropunk and Nathelie Marie-Curry from France Télévisions.

Nick is currently working hard to get his solo career off the ground, recording as much as he can from home. And making sure that the world will only hear’s the best he has to offer and nothing less.

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