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Ofir Nahari

Tel Aviv, IL   

Ofir graduated from the Nissan Nativ Acting School in Tel Aviv in 2007. Ofir has since performed in professional theatrical productions in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and multiple other towns and cities, including ‘Pipelines’, adapted from the novel by Etgar Keret, directed by Elan Toren at the Khan Theatre (2007-‘09). Ofir also has a strong film resume, including ‘Queens Up’ (2007), which was awarded first prize at the Sedicicorto film festival in Italy, ‘Golden Pomegranate’ (2009), and ‘Paper Wedding’ (2015), amongst others. In 2009 Ofir joined the Dimona Theatre, an experimental ensemble which lives and works in the Negev desert in Dimona, southern Israel. During five years with the ensemble he performed in seven productions, also composing the musical scores for four of these productions. His final performance with Dimona was his one-man show ‘Amassan’, which toured to 7 Stages Theatre in Atlanta in 2013 and again in 2016. Following the 2013 tour, Ofir left the Dimona ensemble to become the Artistic Director of the Sandciel school of circus and dance theatre in Yakum, Israel, teaching physical theatre, dance, clowning, devising, and solo creation. In addition, Ofir has continued composing music for professional theaters in Israel, and teaching workshops at Haifa University, Staib Dance at Emory University in Atlanta, Kennesaw State University, and other acting schools in Israel. In 2014, Ofir developed and premiered a new one-woman clown show, ‘Kishkushim’, which won second place at the Teatro Neto solo performance festival. ‘Kishkushim’ travelled to Turkey in March, 2016. Ofir also developed an original production ‘Lanterns’ for the circus-dance ensemble Temakarys in 2015.


Password: ‘amassanshow’

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password ‘Lanterns-Circus’
Created and choreographed by Ofir Nahari

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