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Shane Coughlin


I am a classical trumpet player passionate about expanding my instrument’s repertoire. I believe the trumpet was largely ignored in the solo realm of romantic composition while we continued to shine and flourish in ensemble works. While studying at Peabody, I found an incredibly versatile and giving composer named Christian Humcke, from whom I’ve since commissioned three romantic-style works for brass. The most recent of which, The Wanderer, (based on Caspar David Friedrich’s 1818 painting by the same name) I would like to both compensate Christian for his efforts and create a professional recording to both spread awareness of his work and also materialize a beautiful and unique piece for trumpet and piano. 

The following is Christian’s synopsis of the piece based on my interpretation of the painting: 

The wanderer blows a triumphant fanfare on his trumpet atop a high mountain. He thinks has reached the highest point, but then looks off into the distance and sees higher, greater mountains to climb. He also notices the sea of fog below, which he must traverse through in order to get to the higher mountains. The muted trumpet depicts the wanderer walking through the sea of fog, as does the blurring of chords in the piano (which you can’t really hear too well in the midi recording). Eventually the wanderer gets through the fog and sees the higher mountains. He blows his trumpet again in excitement, and charges up the side of one of the high mountains. 

I am beyond excited to perfect the notes that reflect these sentiments and am intent on creating a professional recording to capture the piece and Christian’s music effectively and completely. 

The Wanderer (mp3)

A MIDI file of The Wanderer for Trumpet and Piano

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