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Sheree Clement

New York, NY         

Sheree’s musical narratives feature a poetic voice, fitted into controlled forms. Her colorful, kinetic, atonal music focuses on closely crafted harmonic events and neatly articulated counterpoint. Her works include a wide variety of ensembles: orchestra, chamber orchestra, various chamber ensembles, including ‘pierrot-plus’, voice, chorus, solo piano, and analog and digital electronic media.

Her work has earned her a Goddard Lieberson Award from the American Academy and Institute of Arts & Letters, a Fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, and commissions from Parnassus, The Jubal Trio, the League of Composers Orchestra, Lois Martin, and Saar Berger. Her Chamber Concerto, recorded on CRI /New World, by Speculum Musicae, was described as ‘crowded with colorful incident and event’ (Boston Globe).  

In 2015 Eliza Garth recorded Sheree’s Thirteen Preludes for Solo Piano on the label Furious Artisans, to be released later in 2016.

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