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Tony Doubek

Milwaukee, WI         

Tony Doubek is a composer, pianist, and transgender man. His goal is to increase trans representation in contemporary classical music, as well as to create opportunities for other marginalized artists within that world. 

His passion for activism is reflected in his music, as he processes current events and social issues by pouring his feelings into compositions. 

Tony plans to co-found a production company that will help emerging artists of color, from the LGBTQ+ community, and who identify as women gain access to the needed resources and venue spaces to build their portfolios and launch their careers. 

Tony is currently accepting commissions and seeking for other artists to collaborate with on topics of social justice, climate change, LGBTQ+ experiences, and other themes related to marginalized communities and revolution.

Contact Tony at anthonydoubek@gmail.com

Pandemic String Quintet

To cope with being in quarantine and maintaining social distancing I began writing the Pandemic String Quintet. At the beginning I wrote a short movement each day, but as the days blurred together movements started to depict multiple days or full weeks. The pieces started in major and minor keys depicting simpler emotions, but became more and more abstract and absurd as the situation got crazier.
This is a MIDI recording of the piece, I hope to find a string quintet to record this piece in the near future.

I'm sorry, this media seems to be unavailable.

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The Inbetween

At the very beginning of the COVID-19 global shut down a group of composers from around the world came together for the Para el Pueblo Project (Instagram @para.elpueblo). Composers were divided into small groups to create duets for two of the instruments played by participating composers. I was honored to work with composers Emily Ta (Instagram @iemthemaestro) and Uxío Domínguez Darriba (Instagram @uddarriba.composer). My piece expresses the feeling of being between two chapters in life and my struggle to be at peace in that space.

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Keep Up or Shut Up

This track is from my album by the same name.
Keep Up or Shut Up is about the disillusionment with the story many young people were told as they went off to college: degree=good job=stability. After graduation I began to realize just how much of a grip capitalism holds on our lives and our futures and I quickly learned that what I expected was not the reality. I went into a rough depression cycle but today I see hope in the growing number of young activists fighting for a better world free from the shackles of capitalism.

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