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ATTIC is the follow-up to Girl Gods, which won two Bessie Awards in 2016: one for Outstanding Production and one for Visual Design. House of Mind, the first work in the Triptych, was a performance/installation created in a 5,000 square foot warehouse. In House of Mind, audience members traveled through a series of rooms representing compartments of memory. The architectural installation featured 4,000 miniatures, pieces of a 1950s home, a wall of 100,000 buttons, large scale moving video projection, giant little girls dresses and much more. The design elements—kitchen drawers, a catwalk, a living room with giant projections of storms, giant carp, large bees walking on kitchen counters, and hundreds of other images were featured live and filmed. Although it is a separate and complete work, ATTIC is the top floor to Girl God’s ‘basement’ and House of Mind’s ‘main floor.’ In Girl Gods, from a Jungian perspective, that which is underneath represents that which is repressed or hidden below the surface. In House of Mind, the movement was measured, compact, designed and executed along with contrasting pedestrian movement. Girl Gods was more explosive and ritualistic, contrasting the simplicity and beauty of domesticated activities. The movement in ATTIC contrasts between measured, careful steps and huge bouts of falling, uncontrollably, to the ground. The visual environment will be stark, disheveled and dark – on top of which will be large bright areas – featuring white cakes, white pencils, videos of white rabbits, albino moose, whales, arctic foxes. This environment alludes in general, to the ‘afterlife,’ in which the survivor imagines safety and relief. The movement involves falling to the floor and recovering at the last possible moment. Both sloppy and terrifying, this movement is developed into trios and duets and interspersed with static poses. ATTIC explores the rape of female culture. Young girls who are raped have a change in brain chemistry that they live with for the rest of their lives. Those who have a support network have a better chance of regaining a semblance of health, but some young women who never come forward commit suicide. Last fall, my niece was one of those young women. The isolation and fear that accompanies sexual assault and the often-abusive relationships that follow are common, and send the victim into an ever-devolving spiral from which many never recover. ATTIC explores this topic in a physical and visceral way with accompanying visions of the beauty of the Afterlife.

Project Media

Girl Gods (excerpts)
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Girl Gods, the second work in the House of Mind (HoM) Trilogy. Referring to the Jungian model of the House as self, HoM is the main floor, dealing with the accumulation and the dissolution of memory. Girl Gods is the basement, dealing with women and rage. ATTIC deals with death and the afterlife & will premiere in 2020. Girl Gods won 2 Bessie Awards in 2016.

Choreog: Pat Graney
Design: Holly Batt
Music: Amy Denio
Light: Amiya Brown
Costumes: Frances Kenny
Performers: Cheryl Delostrinos, Jenny Peterson, Sruti Desai, Jody Kuehner, Sara Jinks.

House of Mind
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House of Mind was a large-scale installation project that began this triptych of three works: House of Mind, Girl Gods and ATTIC, for which I am applying for funding. The project was a build-out of a 5,000 square foot space with a child’s room, dad room, mom room, large center living room.The work contained 5-8 foot giant doll’s dresses, a wall of keys, large scale video, (20 foot carp swimming through the living room) a miniature wall with over 4000 miniatures, a button wall made of 80,000 hand-glued buttons, among other things.

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Seattle, Washington

Project Created By

Seattle, Washington
  The Pat Graney Company, incorporated in 1990, has toured to most major American cities as well as internationally to Japan, England, Scotland, Germany, Singapore, Chile and Brazil. Seattle-based choreographer Graney received numerous Choreography Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as from Artist Trust, the Washington State Arts Commission, the NEA…

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Seattle, Washington


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