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GRIEF – a new album by Samora Pinderhughes

An album about the present state of the country - and my feelings about it - in the tradition of the 60s-era protest albums.


The recording of this music as a new project is going to be very special to me. This new music represents my explorations of the times we are in right now, all the elements of it, as well as speaking about my experiences and the experiences of those around me. I believe fiercely in music right now; in the urgency of this moment, to speak out as an artist. This album will be recorded in the tradition of the 1960s albums, written by inspirations of mine such as Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, and Curtis Mayfield – albums that, if you listened to them through, gave you a full picture of the times they were in and a window into the many lives of people being affected and oppressed by various systems.

I am going to cover many different issues and experiences on this project, not only in terms of the oppression and injustices that are going on but also telling true stories about how people are being forced to live as a result of what’s going on. To me, there is an incredible need in this moment for music that speaks to these realities. In some ways, this will also be a sequel of sorts to my previous album The Transformations Suite, but even bigger and more song-based, with the goal of recording songs that people can sing and feel and use.

I will be recording this album with a combination of live musician collaborators, producers, and a string quartet. This will be a very special combination, allowing the songs to live in their full emotional capacity, the lyrics to be heard and felt in specific ways, and the messages to be conveyed in special and unique ways.

I’ll also be collaborating with poets throughout this project. Poets are the ones who tell the truth about us, and who bend language in ways that shape our collective consciousness. Whereas in my previous album The Transformations Suite I collaborated with one poet, this album will offer a multiplicity of voices – chief among them, the incredible poets Aja Monet and Mahogany L. Browne, who are both guiding lights for me as artists, lyricists, and activists.

The music will be recorded in New York & Connecticut in early August 2020, with additional production and recording of the poets done at the end of the month. Then the album will be mixed and mastered in September, and released in October in advance of the election.

The proceeds from this album will all go towards organizations providing bond funds and free legal funds for incarcerated and detained individuals.

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This is a song from my album The Transformations Suite. The poetry is by Jeremie Harris, and the composition is by me.
This song is about the institutions and histories that cause cycles of violence and oppression and hopelessness in neighborhoods across the U.S.; and it’s about the resilience of people who move through these experiences.

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New York, New York

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New York, New York
Samora Abayomi Pinderhughes is a world-renowned pianist and composer who uses music to issue challenging questions about social justice and identity. Samora has performed in venues including the White House, the Blue Note, MoMA, the Sundance Film Festival, Monterey Jazz Festival, and Carnegie Hall, and tours internationally with artists including Branford Marsalis, Christian Scott, Jose…

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