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Hardedge with DarkMatterHalo and Wadada Leo Smith: Ankhrasmation

The fourth album by my group, DarkMatterHalo will be creating new work using Wadada Leo Smith's Ankhrasmation symbolic language art scores.


Expanding on the previous ways of creating, evident on the first three DarkMatterHalo records (‘Darkness Interrupted’; ‘Cataclysmic Beauty’; ‘Discernible Grid’), and considering the extensive experience by two of the members (Hardedge, and Brandon Ross) with Wadada Leo Smith’s revolutionary creative music language, Ankhrasmation, this new project (under the supervision of Mr. Smith himself) should open up a whole new area of possibilities for creative expression by this unique ensemble.  The main purpose for making art from the Ankhrasmation art scores is to bring in a specific compositional thinking into their music.

The plan is to record 55-60 minutes of music, which will be pressed on a high quality gatefold Mini-LP CD, and possibly as a double LP (vinyl).  The recording should be available by the early fall of 2020.

Using the Ankhrasmation art scores will be the main focus on the future performances, both in New York and the States, as well as at some European festivals.

DarkMatterHalo, an ensemble I had formed in 2013 with two of the best guitarists and musical thinkers in today’s creative music: Brandon Ross and Doug Wieselman.  That band is totally about the guitar as sound generator.

DarkMatterHalo have already performed with Wadada Leo Smith as a guest for their 2016 SummerStage concert in New York City.

“Sidestepping conventions through uncompromising manipulations of sound, this dark ritual creates suspense and will leave you under a spell for the time it runs.” Jazz Trail

“Probably the best group today”  Kip Hanrahan

​“Man that is not music…this is something visual”  James Blood Ulmer

“It’s almost hard to imagine how encouraging it is to see how original, substantial and enlightening improvised music of today can be.  DarkMatterHalo shows how far outside you can go – and still be connected to the basic communicative idea of music.”  Harry Lachner, SWR / Jazzmagazin, Munich, Germany

​”Incredible, unique, shocking music. I was expecting blazing guitar “battles,” but instead Brandon Ross and Doug Wieselman are displaying chemistry that I have not heard anywhere by any two guitarists before.  Pure mysterious and gripping sonic journey that left me speechless.  Hardedge’s sound design is just subliminal, often discreet, other times right in your face, bold and unapologetic, as is the music this trio creates.  These guys are way ahead of our time.  If such thing is even possible.”  WUSB.FM, Stony Brook, NY


Project Media

Color Ankhrasmation 1
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Hardedge (sound design / electronics) & Wadada Leo Smith – trumpet
Performing Mr. Smith’s ‘Color Ankhrasmation 1’ live at the Creative Music Festival, RedCat / Disney Performing Center, Los Angeles, November 2005.

DarkMatterHalo: Stop Watching
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Taken from the third DarkMatterHalo album, Discernible Grid’ (November 2018).
DarkMatterHalo are:
Hardedge – soundesign / Brandon Ross – electric guitar / Doug Wieselman – electric guitar

DarkMatterHalo: Glyph
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‘Glyph’ by DarkMatterHalo. Taken from their second CD, ‘Cataclysmic Beauty,’ released in September 2016.
Hardedge – soundesign
Brandon Ross – electric guitar
Doug Wieselman – electric guitar

Start and End Dates



New York City, New York

Project Created By

New York, New York
Hardedge (Velibor Pedevski) is a sound designer /electronic artist based in New York City. He has recorded 15 albums as a leader and co-leader, all released on his Hardedge record label.  Eight duo albums with the cornetist Graham Haynes, all of them recorded at some of the most prestigious venues in New York City, and…

In Collaboration With

Performer (electric guitar), Composer
New York, New York
Composer, Artistic Advisor


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