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HOME is an examination of race and marginalization in the city of Philadelphia. This project will open space for conversations and solutions to the fear, anger and mistrust that cloud the present.




HOME is a meta-narrative project centered on the idea of black liberation. HOME explores being black and brown, openly becoming, being visible, and being included as women and men through the complex and socially charged spectrum of sexuality. My work is grounded in African-American culture, history, traditions, and spirituality. HOME transforms the ways in which we experience and understand the world. At its core, HOME aims to give birth to a new consciousness, create connections, and bring about change. This project will open space for conversations and solutions to the fear, anger and mistrust that cloud the present. In our current climate of violence and social injustice, how can we curate experiences that give rise to possibilities for healing and liberation? My hope is that HOME ripples through Philadelphia and the world.


HOME will culminate with the creation of a new choreographic work for my company, Waheed Works. In addition to contemporary texts, my work is also a simulation of the work of contemporary musicians who address these important issues such as Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, and Kanye West. These three artists courageously share truth in a society that is drowning inequality. I will dig deep into Lamar’s and Cole’s music, using them and other sources, for Waheed Works research into contemporary narratives that address these critical issues impact on contemporary African-American and gay life. Also, having Darryl Hoffman on board for the first time as composer/sound designer, we will be able to dig deep not only in figurative language but also the rhythm, bass, and soul that parallel between the works.


Additional inspiration is drawn from Barry Jenkins and Tarell McCraney’s 2016 film, Moonlight. I am visually drawn into the film’s beautiful cinematography, crafted by James Laxton and Alex Bickel. The use of primary colors to enhance skin of the actors and actresses. The color tones of the film also correlate with and set the mood for each phase, creating a clear timeline for viewers. My lighting designer, Christopher Frey will help challenge my ideas and stretch my vision similarly in the world that HOME lives in. Christ Church Neighborhood House is the beautiful space that the workwill breathe in. This space offers a raw feeling of truth and tenderness and the natural light from the large windows fills the space with opportunity.


I am excited that Philadelphia Dance Projects and Director, Terry Fox, will be co-presenting the work. Terry Fox not only understands how important this work is to potentially catapult my career but also the importance it holds for the Philadelphian community. Following my choreographic journey since 2007, working closely with Fox will bring HOMEto life in May 2021. My dream is that the New Music USA Fund will support HOME and its radical call for the liberation of African American and LGBTQ communities.

Project Media

Endangered Species
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Features: Darryl Hoffman

This is a sound sample of the work Darryl Hoffman for work he composed for PHILADANCO!

tears, we cannot stop
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My company, Waheed Works, was invited to take part in the 5th annual Come Together Dance Festival, at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre. This festival celebrates Philadelphia’s rich and diverse artistic landscape over 5 nights. In my recent work, tears we cannot stop (2018), a question that continues to surface arises around the representation of black bodies. Its complexity, its impossibility, and the urgency or struggle to use dance to open up spaces for thought and reckoning. My work deals with investigating the use of performance to unpack the h

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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