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I LAND 2018

Contemporary indigenous musicians collaborating and creating healing vibrations through voice, sound, and movement

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I LAND 2018 at Gibney Dance

Posted on April 26, 2019 by Dakota Camacho

Traditional chants bring siblings together in an unfurling of ancestral continuity. Lyla June plays the drum as an invocation of the rumbling heartbeat of mother earth… her voice calls forward to descendants to remember their responsibilities to their communities, lands, and life ways. 

I LAND 2018 was presented as part of “Gathering Place: Black Queer Land(ing)” curated by Marya Wethers
Photo by Scott Shaw for Gibney Dance Center


I LAND 2018 brings a global cohort of contemporary indigenous electronic and rap musicians into collaboration with contemporary indigenous dance, new performance, improvisation and choreography makers to performance making residencies in Lenapehoking (New York) and Tongva (Los Angeles).

In 2017, electronic dance composer and indigenous Matao hip hop artist, Infinite Dakota, co-curated a series of intercultural, indigenous, interdisciplinary community-led activations in the first I LAND Festival (of sorts) touring and connecting with grass roots organisations in Honolulu, Duwamish (Seattle), Multnomah (Portland), Shikako (Chicago) and Lenapehoking. The two month tour exposed many communities to diverse practices of collective empowerment literally in their own backyard, from planting and work days in urban gardens to sacred circle conversations held in Museums. I LAND included a series of recorded audio conversations of indigenous, queer, creatives and activists that explored the often underheard stories of solidarity, resistance and hope. Our vision for I LAND is to show how contemporary sound and movement instigations, propositions and space-sharing can make room for everyone, regardless of race, gender, mobility or privilege, and express indigenous existence through temporary and archival means.

I LAND 2018 will encompass two performance making residencies that offer similar access and inclusion for people to be wholly immersed in the creation of new performances.

The first residency (April 16-29) will see Infinite Dakota with I Moving Lab at New York’s Gibney Dance Center. There we will have 30 hours of rehearsal space to develop a new sound score for a new choreography by Jack Gray. Infinite Dakota will work specifically with two Native American rap artists, Lyla June Johnston and Quw’utsun’ Made and multimedia arts collective, The Aadizookaan on a vocal mesh of contemporary prayer songs and spellbinding beats that accompany the work. We will then be situated in Studio H, a 27′ x 48′ black box theater, for tech rehearsals and three ticketed events. We also would curate a panel of invited guests to offer a performative lecture. The gathering offers opportunity for reflections on our work across the world, guiding the audience/participants in some activations.

The second residency (May 1-11) will see Infinite Dakota and I Moving Lab at U.C.L.A. Included are visits with campus faculty and community, a trip to the Indigenous Choreographers at Riverside event at U.C.R (May 3-5), and a public culminating showcase Indigenous Dance Forum 3 on May 10 at U.C.L.A. Infinite Dakota will develop the soundscore with collaborating artists including Sammay Dizon from Urban X Indigenous and indigenous Matao composer Micah Garrido.

The project extends relationships for our audiences worldwide with a blog and daily updates of sound and video archival material that connect people to the work we do. Our focus is always on supporting Indigenous peoples of the land, and inspiring space for all in the communities while acknowledging the importance of the traditional lands and territories that hold us and the work we do.

Funding from this New Music Grant will help underwrite the travel costs and accommodation of Infinite Dakota and collaborating artists.

Project Media

Indigenous Dance Forum 2 – The Mixtape curated by Infinite Dakota
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Infinite Dakota curates a mixtape that transports you into the realm of the IDF2. A sample of curatorial archive making that brings together different community voices that we will do in I LAND 2018. You can choose what you want to listen to or get a snapshot of different parts of the sound and see how music, spoken word, dance composition, and panels translate from a present moment into a ever-living digital moment. This dialogue is a new representation of traditional and cultural means of communicating via ancestral breath.

Indigenous Dance Forum with sound composed by Infinite Dakota
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This work sample is a collaboration between Jack Gray and Infinite Dakota that lead to the creation of I Moving Lab. The video soundtrack features music composed for dance by Infinite Dakota. The project featured multiple indigenous performers, traditional and contemporary and was staged at Dixon Place in New York in 2016.

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New York, New York

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Seattle, Washington
Born, raised, and based in Coast Salish Territory, Dakota Camacho is a Matao/CHamoru multi-disciplinary artist / researcher working in spaces of indigenous life ways, performance, musical composition, community engagement, and education. Camacho holds a Masters of Arts in Performance Studies from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with…

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San Francisco, California
New York, New York
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