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Stephen Petronio and experimental hiphop artist Michael Volpe will collaborate to create a kinetic new dance with an electronic score.

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Non Locomotor in Chicago

Posted on August 12, 2015 by Stephen Petronio Company

Non Locomotor will be on the program for the opening of the season at the Dance Center of Columbia College in Chicago.  Performances will take place Thursday-Saturday, October 1-3, 2015 at 8pm. 

There will be a post-show discussion after opening night on the 1st and a pre-show discussion on the 2nd. 

More information is available at http://www.colum.edu/dance-center/performances/2015-16/stephen-petronio/index.php.

Tickets can be pruchased at http://tickets.colum.edu/tickets/production.aspx?performanceNumber=6805.

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Excerpt from NON LOCOMOTOR

Posted on July 6, 2015 by Stephen Petronio Company

from NON LOCOMOTOR (2015) – Part two of Locomotor/Non Locomotor

Concept and choreography: Stephen Petronio
Original score: Clams Casino
Lighting: Ken Tabachnick
Costumes: Narciso Rodriguez
Performed by: Davalois Fearon, Gino Grenek, Nicholas Sciscione, and Joshua Tuason

Full work: 20min.
Recorded April 8, 2015 at The Joyce Theater
by Character Generators

Non Locomotor

Posted on July 3, 2015 by Stephen Petronio Company

Non Locomotor premiered at The Joyce from April 7-12, 2015.  The evening was received strongly by Alastair Macauley in the New York Times, though, unfortunately, he did not mention the music — http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/09/arts/dance/review-stephen-petronios-bloodlines.html.

Deborah Jowitt, in her DanceBeat blog, notes that “As the score by Clams Casino (Michael Volpe) begins with an initially quiet jangling, Joshua Tuason walks onto the stage backward. By the time the sounds have escalated to something like tolling bells, the dance has established itself as an exacting but exhilarating voyage for a group of pilgrims who are strong of spirit, skill, and endurance. Scratch “pilgrims;” call them heroes—their bodies and souls firmed into beauty. The music may suggest a chuffing engine, cracking whips, slow chords, buried voices, rhythmic thuds, and more, but the dancers are unfazed; their wheels are greased.”  (Jowitt’s full review is at http://www.artsjournal.com/dancebeat/2015/04/running-backward-looking-ahead/).

The Young People’s Chorus of New York City, in the end, did not perform live though their voices were heard in Volpe’s samplings.  

An excerpt of Non Locomotor can be seen at https://vimeo.com/131461601 


Non Locomotor can be seen again on August 6 at the Hunington Summer Arts Festival in Huntington, Long Island, from October 1-3 at the Dance Center of Columbia College in Chicago, and on October 21-22 at the Berlind Theater at Princeton University.



NON LOCOMOTOR will be a full-company work set to a commissioned score combining electronic music and choral accompaniment by Michael Volpe (aka Clams Casino), a 27-year-old self-taught hiphop producer whose ambient and emotionally-resonant electronic tracks have broadened the boundaries of that genre.  A 40-minute dance, NON LOCOMOTOR will premiere as a companion piece to the 25-minute dance LOCOMOTOR, being produced for Stephen Petronio Company’s (SPC) 2014 season. The two works will be combined on an evening-length program for SPC’s spring 2015 NYC season at The Joyce, which will be the culminating event in the company’s year-long 30th Anniversary celebration. The evening will be called LOCOMOTOR/NON LOCOMOTOR.

LOCOMOTOR/NON LOCOMOTOR is about the power of movement – specifically, the relationship between high-speed motion traveling out into space and stationary movement surging throughout the body. Petronio theorizes that traveling forward through space stimulates future, creative imagination and traveling backwards stimulates nostalgic rumination.  LOCOMOTOR explores these directional pulls within the body and the human/intuitive, personal identity issues that arise from this investigation.  NON LOCOMOTOR, on the other hand, will start from the spine and its ability to initiate torque and torsion.  In both works, Petronio will take his dancers and audiences on an intensely kinetic journey in pursuit of a heightened experience of the present.

This project unites Petronio’s choreography with the cutting-edge music of composer Volpe, who has burst onto the experimental music scene through the world of hiphop. Petronio has said of Volpe, “he crafts densely layered aural fields that take the listener on a journey, moving from the physical and sensual to something profoundly spiritual. This is also exactly what I aim at in my choreography.” This will be Volpe’s second collaboration with Stephen Petronio Company and will build on his experience creating the score for LOCOMOTOR in 2014.  In Petronio’s view, Volpe’s genre-bending compositions display a keen sense of harmony, a pop sensibility, and an aural complexity in which sounds rise, then dissolve into a dream-like haze.  In addition,  Volpe and Petronio are cousins; Volpe has watched Stephen’s work for most of his life.

Vocal music sung by the Young People’s Chorus of New York City (YPC), under the direction of Francisco Núñez will be sampled as part of Volpe’s score. Long-standing collaborators on the work including lighting designer Ken Tabachnick, and the Company’s dancers, who have been with SPC for periods ranging from 3-15 years. The development of the project will be featured on SPC’s new online audience engagement platform, with behind-the-scenes video and blog posts revealing aspects of the creative process to our audience.

The project will help SPC mark this milestone year with a significant full evening of new work about movement and memory, created in collaboration with an emerging innovator in electronic music.

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New York, New York

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Last update on August 12, 2015

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New York, New York
Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, Petronio is widely regarded as one of the leading dance-makers of his generation. New music, visual art, and fashion collide in his dances, producing powerfully modern landscapes for the senses. He has built a body of work with some of the most talented and provocative artists in the world,…

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