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one more dream

A multilayered dance exhibit that articulates the intersection of place, sound and movement with art and science. New York meets Maine event


Cove Street Arts/Portland Maine has offered LaneCoArts, a site specific performance opportunity in their 8000 sq. ft. gallery space in collaboration with Maine based visual artist Margaret Lawrence. LaneCoArts is currently in discussion with co-Directors Kelley Lehr and John Danos for early 2021 event. This is a critical project for LaneCoArts for exposure, creative advancement and professional growth.  As choreographer of this project, I seek funding to support the creation of a 20-30 minute piece by composer Yin-Han Zoe Yang. From Tainan, Taiwan Yang’s work draws from nature, observation and life experiences in her sensitive compositions. She emphasizes ambience in music and sound design consisting of acoustic compositions layered with electronic effects. Yang’s work specializes in musical tones and textured auditory consonances that match the theatrical setting of dance productions. There is thoughtfulness, tension and drama to her music that inspires me and our partnership will enable me to shape with precision the overall content of this event.

Cove Street Arts is a vital multi-media space in Portland dedicated to showing the depth of art being made in Maine. Its vast gallery space hosts a range of events and thus a perfect environment for presenting “one more dream”. This association with Cove Street Arts will enable LaneCoArts to present a true collaborative work as one cohesive whole.  https://www.covestreetarts.com/

“one more dream” is interdisciplinary and centers on the intersection of place, sound and movement with art and science The overarching concept is that of chaos theory in nature which states that systems, no matter how complex rely on underlying order leading to the breakdown of complexity towards repeating systems. As a partnership, Yang and I will look at chaotic trajectory in nature as it relates to our current fractured social landscape. Chaos is the driving conceptual image and the resolution of that turbulence is our structure.   Our focus: tightly intertwine sound and movement. Funding for Ms. Yang’s composition would enable me to craft a work of art with essential dramatic arc evident in music and motion.

The additional assembled participants for this event are architect Susan Rodriguez/visual advisor, Margaret Lawrence/painter, and four talented dancers. Collectively we represent gender diversity and wide range of nationalities. We have connections with the queer, Asian and Queens based communities. Rodriquez is an accomplished architect with professional experience designing in particular, galleries and expansive public spaces. Lawrence is a renowned painter from Maine. As a choreographer my multi-arts approach provides a  gateway to effective cross-pollination.

Rehearsals: New York city area.  We intend to market fully this event in Portland Maine and surrounding communities with the Cove St. email list of 3800 and their broad appeal. Their visual art, music, film and educational events draw a large and varied population. We envision reaching over 300 people through a two-day performance with additional educational workshops. Also future performances in the New City area are in discussion, which could engage approximately 300 spectators. A planned live stream of this performance would increase our numbers two-fold.

Project Media

Original music track of the choreography “Star Tracks and Collapsar”
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Features: Yin Han Zoe Yang

Listen :
The beginning for 2.50 minutes
Then start at 12:00 and listen for 5 minutes
This music explores the individual’s journey towards equilibrium through the metaphor of an orbit or loops that humans inadvertently fall into and ultimately divert them to disoriented reactions.
“Every time we try to escape an orbit of life, it comes back to us by throwing us to another loop, another track.”
Premier: 09/16/2018 Queens Museum
Choreographed: Yahui Lu & Guanglei Hui (New York)
New Media: Sha Huang
Music: YEOZ/Yin-Han Zoe Yang

Original music track of the choreography “Narcosis”
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Features: Yin Han Zoe Yang

Start at 9:00 and listen for 3-5 minutes
This work was developed in response to the Kuroshio Ocean Educational Foundation in Taiwan and the research it is conducting in the area of sea protection. The choreographers for “Narcosis” accompanied an ocean research tour and translated their perspective of the threatened marine ecology through physical movement expression.
Premier: 12/01/2018 臺北市立美術館 Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Choreography: InTW Studio (Taiwan)
Music: YEOZ/Yin-Han Zoe Yang

Almost Awake
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Features: LaneCoArts

Start at :09 and watch for 1 minute to 1:09.
Then start at 3:30 and watch for 5 minutes
Taking as my inspiration, the labyrinth found on the floors of medieval cathedrals and used by churchgoers seeking guidance to enlightenment, “Almost Awake” is about one person’s transformative journey through various architectural, visual, psychological and physical environments. The collaborators were visual artists, Duston Spear and Wilmer De Los Santos. I present this work as an example of my multi-arts approach to choreography.
Baruch PAC

Start and End Dates



Portland, Maine

Project Created By

New York, New York
After attending Purchase College Conservatory of Dance where she received a BFA and MFA, Lane Gifford founded LaneCoArts in 2006 with a mission to create physically charged dance dramas that reflect meaningful social issues and expand the language of movement through lenses of drama, visual arts, film and sound. Her multi-arts approach to dance grew…

In Collaboration With

New York, New York


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