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Raucous Caucus Tango

Nimbus Dance and Grammy-winning Pedro Giraudo depict the full satire and chicanery of American electoral politics in Raucous Caucus Tango.


Raucous Caucus Tango is a novel mash-up of devised theater, exquisite choreography rendered to passionate Tango music, bawdy storytelling, political/cultural criticism, and a tragicomic eulogy for democracy as we once knew it. Raucous Caucus Tango posits an imagined election to beat all elections: the dazzling showbiz glamour of celebrity candidates meets bare-knuckled street politics; naive idealism confronts transactionalism in its most insidious form; back-room deal-making shoulder rubs with sensational tabloid gossip. Could this be the end; our final election, when American Democracy gasps its final breath? A ratings bonanza that earns zillions for our tv news, social media overlords? Or is this the wake-up call that finally brings people back to their senses?

Performed by 9 dancers from Nimbus Dance; Pedro Giraudo’s Tango quartet; and a “raconteur”/commentator who guides this narrative work by way of a spoken script written by a playwright to be announced. Raucous Caucus Tango is a 40 minute work that will premiere at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in November 2020 as part of NJPAC’s TD James Moody Jazz Festival. Further performances will take place at Brooklyn Academy of Music – Fisher in early 2021, Nimbus Arts Center in Jersey City in late Spring 2021, and touring venues to be announced.

With an eye toward poking fun at our electoral processes, subversively zinging political parties (of all stripes), interest groups, and the strange bedfellows that realpolitik begets, Raucous Caucus Tango aims to capitalize on what promises to be a highly charged period in American social discourse leading up to Fall 2020. The proposed project represents an immersive dive into a dance/theater approach that Nimbus has explored in recent years–including spoken theatricality, “play within a play” juxtaposition, and character-driven scene work–for our family-oriented performances, such as Jersey City Nutcracker and Hullabaloo. With Raucous Caucus Tango, we are excited to expand upon the most effective aspects of those productions–breaking the formal 4th wall and interjecting intellectual quips and rowdy slapstick humor with slick narration–to meld with highly rendered concert dance grounded in Pedro Giraudo’s dramatic Tango compositions. The result, we hope, is delightful, pithy storytelling that strikes audiences in the sweet spot of entertainment and intellectual and artistic catharsis.

Project Media

Falling Sky
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Please watch from: 12:00

Samuel Pott’s 2019 collaboration with composer Qasim Naqvi, with music performed by members of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, explores the felt experience, sensations, and impact on the psychic, subconscious level of climate change. As environmental change manifests among other creatures in altered behavior, migratory patterns, disease susceptibility, do we – humans – experience change on a below-conscious level?

Recording from November 2019 word premiere performance at NJPAC.

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Features: Pedro Giraudo

From Pedro Giraudo’s 2018 Latin Grammy winning album Vigor Tanguero

Latin Grammy Award winner bassist and composer Pedro Giraudo is among the most compelling tango artists today. After two decades performing with the most important interpreters of tango, Pedro Giraudo debuted his own Tango Orchestra at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing in July 2015 and since then has become an active cultural ambassador of this beautiful and passionate music of his native Argentina.


The Glare From These Horizons
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Features: Nimbus Dance

Please watch from 9:30

Supported by a project grant from New Music USA, A Glare From These Horizons, is weaves poetry by choreographer Samuel Pott’s brother, Roland Pott, piano compositions by Kim Sherman, and select recordings by jazz artists Russell Malone and Skalpel. Seen as an abstracted self-portrait that draws on Pott’s family history and relationships and personal stories, the work has been performed at venues throughout the Northeast.

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Jersey City, New Jersey

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Jersey City, New Jersey
Nimbus Dance bridges the gap between world-class performances and community engagement by presenting work that challenge, speaks to, and elevates the core beliefs of its diverse audience. Founded in 2005 by Samuel Pott and based in Jersey City, New Jersey, Nimbus has been at the forefront of excellence in the arts, civic engagement, and equitable…

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Composer, Musician
Jersey City, New Jersey


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