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Synth Nights: Lesley Flanigan

Synth Nights returns with new experimental music, taking a sculptural approach to sound and using minimal electronics and layered vocals.

The Latest Update

Video documentation of new work “2 Voices” with Daisy Press

Posted on January 3, 2017 by The Kitchen

Lesley Flanigan premiered this new piece titled 2 Voices (with Daisy Press) as part of The Kitchen’s Synth Nights series on December 3, 2016. It employed amplification and looping to create a multilayered, dense composition. 

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Vocalist Daisy Press joins Lesley Flanigan for new duet this Saturday

Posted on December 1, 2016 by The Kitchen
Lesley Flanigan has announced that for her new composition 2 Voices she will be joined by vocalist Daisy Press in a new vocal duet. 
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Tickets ($15) for Synth Nights: Lesley Flanigan and Lucky Dragonson Dec. 3 are available now online at  http://thekitchen.org/event/synth-nights-lesley-flanigan-and-lucky-dragons 

Tickets on sale now!

Posted on August 16, 2016 by The Kitchen

Tickets for Synth Nights: Lesley Flanigan and Lucky Dragons on Dec. 3 are available now online at  http://thekitchen.org/event/synth-nights-lesley-flanigan-and-lucky-dragons 

Tickets for Synth Nights: Lesley Flanigan and Lucky Dragons are $15.

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New date is December 3

Posted on August 2, 2016 by The Kitchen
Lesley Flanigan’s date has been changed to December 3, 2016. She will be sharing the evening with Lucky Dragons, a collaboration between Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck, who will appear at The Kitchen for the first time in nearly a decade with selections from their recent album Ooga Booga Bongo Music. You can access more info here: https://luckydragons.bandcamp.com/album/ooga-booga-bongo-music
The Kitchen’s project webpage is now available: 
Tickets will go on sale on Monday, August 15th


Since 2012, Synth Nights is The Kitchen’s ongoing intergenerational concert series bringing together composers of different eras and genres within the form of electronic music. Past programs in the series featured legends such as David Behrman, Harold Budd, Musica Elettronica Viva, Morton Subotnick, as well as emerging talents—including Laurel Halo, James Hoff, Sergei Tcherepnin, and Ben Vida. This installment in the series on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 presents New York-based, experimental electronic musician Lesley Flanigan and a performance of her work for voice with speaker feedback instruments, paired with a new piece for two voices with two looping pedals.

Performing with instruments constructed from raw audio speakers and microphones, Flanigan shapes layers of electronic feedback into an almost tactile field of noise, embracing an expressive relationship between speakers, amplification and voice. Each of these instruments is a sculptural object capable of producing a wide variety of tones and rhythms, and is played by positioning a suspended piezo microphone in various relations to a speaker cone. Though the instruments are electronic, they are ‘played’ as acoustic instruments through hand gestures and microphone choreography. Like voices in a choir, the vast range of feedback sounds they produce are unique to each instrument: some speakers make low tones, others make high tones, and some are completely unpredictable. While the source of the sound is feedback, it is often indistinguishable from the sound of instruments such as cello, clarinet or organ. In her performances she treats this raw material as a sculptor might treat clay—shaping the noises from these sound sources into music.

In 2015, Flanigan began developing compositions for voice alone, as an extension of her work with speaker feedback. In this work she continues to think about amplification as a central process in electronic sound, but removing her feedback instruments to focus entirely on the voice. Through her work making music with feedback instruments and combining those sounds with voice, she has developed a “building/layering/sculptural” approach to composition that uses this live voice material captured by looping hardware as a primary tool. For The Kitchen, she plans to present a new composition for two voices that expands on this previous work, layering pitches and melodies sung by two vocalists (herself and one other singer) together into dense clouds of sound, which can be manipulated dramatically in real time by the performers.

Lesley Flanigan’s work has been presented at venues and festivals internationally, including Sonar (Barcelona and Chicago), Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (New York), Roulette (Brooklyn), MATA Festival (New York City), TransitioMX (Mexico City), the Roskilde Museum of Contemporary Art (Denmark) and .HBC in Berlin. She studied sculpture at the Ringling College of Art and Design, and received a masters in art technology from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University.

Project Media

Excerpt from performance at University of Texas, Austin
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Features: The Kitchen

Excerpt from a performance at the Visual Arts Center, University of Texas, Austin, December 7, 2012. Co-presented with Church of the Friendly Ghost.
(9:23 minutes)

Concert performance, part of Performance at the Guggenheim: Blood Makes Noise
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Features: The Kitchen

In conjunction with her performative sound installation “Residue,” Lesley Flanigan presented an evening concert on November 22, 2014, in the museum’s Tower Gallery Level 5. This concert was organized as part of the series “Performance at the Guggenheim: Blood Makes Noise,” curated by Nat Trotman, exploring the interrelations between corporeal presence, sculptural objects, and sonic space.

Hedera (Trailer)
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Features: The Kitchen

Lesley Flanigan’s latest EP recording, “Hedera,” (Physical Editions, 2016) moves her sculptural approach to sound towards a new synthesis of intimate vocals and pulsating dance music. Here the ghostly beat is by a malfunctioning tape deck layered with her own voice, tapping influences from Steve Reich to Mark Fell and Cocteau Twins.
Video by Evan Chapman. Filmed at Crane Arts, Philadelphia.
(2:24 minutes)

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