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Tigue — This New Forest

Tigue commissions new work from composers Paula Matthusen, Elori Saxl Kramer, and Lea Bertucci

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This New Forest: Tigue commissions by Paula Matthusen, Lea Bertucci and Elori Kramer

Posted on January 27, 2020 by Tigue

Live video and audio of Tigue’s commissioning projects with Paula Matthusen, Lea Bertucci and Elori Kramer — supported by a 2018 New Music USA Project Grant.


The Project

With “Amplified”, Tigue commissions new works from Paula Matthusen, Elori Saxl Kramer and Lea Bertucci, three composers with a unique history championing electroacoustic music as their dominant musical voice. In their last two seasons, Tigue began a process of expanding their palette of sounds to include electronics, synthesized sound and electroacoustic elements. This project will further extend this element in Tigue’s repertoire and will be toured throughout 2018-2019 as the cornerstone of Tigue’s concert season. For their first confirmed performance, The Johnstone Fund for New Music’s CNX Series will bring Tigue to Columbus, Ohio to perform the program at the Short North Stage. Tigue’s performance will be held on March 13th, 2019, part of the 2018-2019 CNX Concert season, and linked to a Midwestern tour and New York premiere performance.

The Works

With Matthusen’s history of creative instrument building and unique electroacoustic sound manipulations, she will write a 10-12 minute piece for Tigue that explores their percussive abilities through a mechanical lens.

Kramer will write a 10-12 minute work for Tigue, synthesizer, and field recordings that challenges the tripartite categorization of natural sounds, acoustic instruments, and electronic instruments, supporting an alternate way of considering the relationship between land and humanity that doesn’t binarize but instead explores interconnectivity.

Bertucci will compose a 40-minute electroacoustic work for Tigue that combines amplified percussive objects with electronic sound, developed for a custom multichannel speaker configuration. Mixing live percussion with electroacoustic tactics, this site-responsive work will be designed to engage with the unusual acoustic properties of each unique space.

The Process

Tigue will workshop each piece with the composers at various residencies (Avaloch Farm, LMCC) and in-studio sessions over the spring and summer 2018, premiering the pieces in full in the fall of 2018. Tigue’s first confirmed presenter is the CNX Series in Columbus OH with other potential presenters including BRIC in Brooklyn NY, The Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh PA, the Transformer Series in Cleveland OH, and ESS Series in Chicago IL.

The Goal

The project marks the first multi-composer-commissioning project in Tigue’s history and our largest venture into electroacoustic music making. Producing these new works is an important part of our mission as ensemble-curators; building a diverse repertoire and sharing the most interesting, exciting work of our time. Following Tigue’s mission, “Amplified” will be an immersive experience in sound.

Project Media

The Four Pillars Appearing from The Resonating Discs… (2017)
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Features: Tigue

“The Four Pillars Appearing from The Resonating Discs invoking The 72:81:88 Confluence in a setting of Quadrilateral Starfield Symmetry ATS4 Base 6:81” explores new methodologies to expand and reconstruct the perception of the passage of time. Performed by Tigue on nine metallic instruments discreetly amplified to highlight the resonance of The Four Pillars from within the rich overtone cloud, the work asks performer and audience alike to consider their own perception of time and change. Premiered at the Avant Media Festival April 11, 2017

nacht nach nacht nach nacht nach nacht (2008)
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Features: Paula Matthusen

“nacht nach nacht nach nacht nach nacht” derives its title from the play “Preservation” by Abi Basch, in which memory, repetition, human vulnerability and resilience all powerfully intermingle. The music boxes utilized for the piece intentionally involve the inexactness of the mechanical system combined with human error. The piece was originally performed with Object Collection at the former Incubator Arts Project and recently reconstructed during a fellowship at the American Academy in Rome.

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Brooklyn, New York

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