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Women’s Strength in Song

A recital and recording of strong women's lives, loves, joys, and heartbreaks


Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, Mariami Bekauri, Anne Kissel, Sandra Leary, and Jamie Leigh Sampson have collaborated on Sample Rate, a song cycle with 8 different phone conversations throughout one woman’s life, and American Mother, with text by Pamela Hart on the imperfection of motherhood. These five collaborators will tour New York State with a recital of five works including Sample Rate, American Mother, two works by other women composers, and conclude with a new work for the collaborators to perform together.

The recital will be studio recorded and released independently with both digital and physical sales.


Project Media

Sample Rate
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with text by Jamie Leigh Sampson and Amanda DeBoer Bartlett
Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, soprano
Anne Kissel, piano
April 17, 2019

0:22 – I. May I
3:23 – II. so I turned up at Lindsey’s
9:15 – III. Himmel’s-Tür
11:55 – IV. Unreasonable
16:30 – V. 911
19:08 – VI. Plenty of Inappropriate Responses
22:54 – VII. Will you come and visit?
28:06 – VIII. Hiraeth

Concealed Imaginings
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Concealed Imaginings was written for the Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble. The text is from Wallace Steven’s four poem work Peter Quince at the Clavier.

Performed by Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

The Body Electric
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The Body Electric uses two lines from Walt Whitman’s poem “I Sing the Body Electric.” The first is reorganized in a matrix according to the following hierarchy and the second acts as a disruption. The jumbled words are introduced in full or partial sets until the final phrases of the piece, where they are presented in Whitman’s original order:“I am drawn by its breath as if I am no more than a than a helpless vapor all falls aside but myself and it.”

Performed by Amanda DeBoer Bartlett

Start and End Dates



Fredonia, New York

Project Created By

Fredonia, New York
Jamie Leigh Sampson is a composer, bassoonist, author, teacher, and entrepreneur based in Western New York. She currently teaches music composition, theory, and entrepreneurship in the School of Music at the State University of New York at Fredonia and is Co-Owner of the publishing entity ADJ•Ÿective New Music, LLC. Sampson has written works across multiple…

In Collaboration With

Vocalist • Poet
Omaha, Nebraska


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