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Works for Contrabass by Gosfield, Masaoka, Sharp, & Thirlwell

The recording of recently commissioned works for solo contrabass by composers Annie Gosfield, Miya Masaoka, Elliott Sharp, and JG Thirlwell.

The Latest Update

Origami Cosmos is officially out TODAY!

Posted on March 24, 2017 by James Ilgenfritz

Today is the official release of Origami Cosmos: with four new works for solo bass:

Annie Gosfield – Rolling Sevens And Dreaming Elevens

Miya Masaoka – Four Moons of Pluto

JG Thirlwell – Xigliox

Elliott Sharp – Aletheia

The record is available in stores nationwide and online, or through Bandcamp.   Check it out!

More Updates ▼

Interview and performance in Ann Arbor, MI

Posted on March 14, 2017 by James Ilgenfritz

Quick tour through the midwest on this inclement, snowy week – tonight I play at Trinosophes in Detroit, then tomorrow at Kerrytown Concert House in Ann Arbor, then Dreamland Theater in Louisville Thursday, then in Pittsburgh Friday at Distro (presented by
The Consortium and Alia Musica).

In advance of my ‘homecoming’ at Kerrytown, the Ann Arbor Public Library has published a great interview… see the attached link!


Album Cover, release date, and Title: Origami Cosmos

Posted on February 24, 2017 by James Ilgenfritz

This album comes out March 24, one month from today – the title is Origami Cosmos, and I’m thrilled with out beautiful this artwork came out.  Photo of me by Peter Gannushkin, with design by Yuri Zupancic.  More info coming soon!

Recording complete!

Posted on June 30, 2016 by James Ilgenfritz

Wow, just found out that this project was awarded, and only two days ago I completed recording!  Much more work to do, but things are speeding along towards a mid-Fall release.  Much more exciting stuff coming from Infrequent Seams, and from me – so stay tuned! 


In Fall 2016, Infrequent Seams will release James Ilgenfritz’s new CD, featuring four new works for solo contrabass by some of Downtown New York’s most innovative and revolutionary composers.

Each composer is renowned both as a composer and as a performer, and their diverse backgrounds inform their compositions. These works all also rely heavily on Ilgenfritz’s distinctive technical vocabulary as an improviser and pedagogue of extended techniques.  Each work takes advantage of these techniques in a different way:

Composer Annie Gosfield’s “Rolling Sevens And Dreaming Elevens” uses the contrabass as a sampler, with James Ilgenfritz’ distinctive techniques transcribed and recombined in a detailed score that makes extensive use of the 7th and 11th partials of the strings.

Elliott Sharp’s “Aletheia” sets up a strict series of combinations of various types of bow – from the standard bass bow to metal springs, and bows made from ball chains. The scordatura tuning emphasizes the harmonic spectrum of a fundamental low D, with a chorus of upper partials created by the various pairings of the different bows.

Industrial music innovator and film composer JG Thirlwell’s “Xigliox” explores a constantly evolving array of sonorities based on double-stops and melodic phrases,  integrating interpretive freedoms with structured improvisation and intricate polyrhythms

Miya Masaoka’s “Four Moons Of Pluto” uses a scordatura tuning derived from Just Intonation. The entire 17-minute work is performed with sustained harmonics, creating sonorous diads in Just ratios, from simple 5/4 ratios to the rich, rhythmic beating of microtonal ratios like 21/20.

These works will all be recorded during the month of June 2016, with direct involvement of each composer in the recording process.  The CD will be released in October 2016 on the rapidly-expanding Infrequent Seams label, with distribution throughout the US and Europe, and other international markets, available on CD and all digital formats.

Project Media

James Ilgenfritz Performs Elliott Sharp’s Aletheia

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James Ilgenfritz performs Elliott Sharp’s solo bass piece Aletheia, with multiple bows.

James Ilgenfritz Solo Performance at Lawrence Art Center
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Features: James Ilgenfritz

An excerpt of a solo performance by James Ilgenfritz at the Free State Festival in Lawrence, Kansas in 2014.

Miya Masaoka’s ‘Four Moons Of Pluto’ Live at The Stone
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James Ilgenfritz performing the US premiere of Miya Masaoka’s ‘Four Moons Of Pluto’. James Ilgenfritz premiered the piece in Prague in September 2015, then gave the US premiere in October 2015 during his week-long residency at The Stone in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

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