Scratch That: Glance Back, Look Ahead

Scratch That: Glance Back, Look Ahead

Mike Junokas

Mike Junokas, composer/performer of HARD R

Favorite 2012 musical moment:

I performed my first public concert with my experimental, improvised, custom electronic circuitry group, HARD R. As you may have guessed by the nature of the obnoxiously specific genre that rests within the already scary classification of new music/sound art, I did not expect much of a reception. I walked out on stage in front of a large and eager audience, wondering if they knew what they were getting into. Steeling myself to my own insecurities and leaning heavily on my colleague Eddie Breitweiser, we played a courageous, hour-long improvisation, performing very difficult and challenging work. The audience rewarded our performance with laughter, cheers, and curiosity.

New Year’s Resolution:

I’m looking to release my first album of all my own work. Its the scary next step in committing to my aesthetic vision. Broaching new boundaries and expanding my own aesthetic has always been exciting and motivating, but I think I’ve finally found a place where I can settle, filter out some of the superficial novelty within my own work, and to truly delve into the meaning of my art. I also would like to avoid electrocuting myself, a resolution that continues to evade me, year after year.

Looking forward to in 2013:

I can’t wait to play more and really challenge audiences. My aesthetic has taken me to licking batteries, shorting circuits, and discovering new places to take my ear and heart. I can’t wait to learn more about myself through HARD R and share it with more people.

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