The Friday Informer: The Composing Life

The Friday Informer: The Composing Life

  • Composers must toil under the sting of numerous stereotypes. Heather Heise bluntly points them out for us.

  • Think it’s unfair to mock those of us obsessed with every little new music gadget that comes along? It’s this sort of speculation that pretty much shows how much we resemble that remark.

  • A certain gym-class athletic prowess is generally not one of those stereotypes, but like John Mackey at the ’04 summer games, Phil Kline has made it to the Olympics!

  • Peter Gelb, who is soon to take over as the Met’s first new general manager in 16 years, has barely got the big leather chair warmed up, but the chattering classes have already begun second-guessing his every move.

  • If the proposed plans make you at all nervous, take comfort in the fact that only death will part Jimmy and the house podium.

  • Personally, I have enough difficulty general managing my iPod playlist so I will not be commenting. What albums would you snatch up for your next DJ set if you were the lucky winner of $10,000 worth of downloads?

  • While you’re over browsing at the iTunes store, check out Innova’s first Alive and Composing podcast.

  • And finally, an oldie but a goodie. [via felsenmusik]

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