The Many Views of Betty Freeman

The Many Views of Betty Freeman

Encouraging Music Philanthropy

Betty Freeman and John Cage in Los Angeles, January 1977
with a personal dedication by Cage written in 1991
Photo courtesy Betty Freeman

Betty Freeman in Zion National Park, Utah
September 22, 1997
Photo courtesy Betty Freeman

FRANK J. OTERI: What can we do now to encourage younger people to listen to this music and to support it? How do we get younger people to support philanthropic interests in music?

BETTY FREEMAN: Well you see, I don’t believe in proselytizing, I really don’t. Everyone I feel should support what they believe in. I have a daughter who believes only in animal rights, and she supports anti-vivisection, and that’s fine. I have friends who only support AIDS research because they have AIDS. I think that’s right, they support what they’re involved in, what they believe in. I have other friends who support cancer groups because their children have cancer. Everyone should be free to support what they believe in. I just happen to believe that contemporary music is a very vital part of my life. And without it, life would not be so wonderful, and so rich, and thrilling in every new piece and adventure.

FRANK J. OTERI: Well, I’m very happy that you’ve been able, through your support, to bring into my life a number of pieces that I love dearly, and to support so many composers whose music I treasure very highly.

BETTY FREEMAN: That’s the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to me.

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