The Philadelphia Orchestra at 100

The Philadelphia Orchestra at 100

Top: Fritz Scheel conducting a concert at Woodside Park (1900)
Middle: Simon Woods, Brian Atwood, Ed Cambron, Joseph H. Kluger
Bottom: Philadelphia Orchestra at the Academy of Music today
Photo credits — Top: Philadelphia Orchestra Archive; Middle: Simon Woods and Joseph H. Kluger — Peter Kind Studios; Bottom: Ed Wheeler

Wednesday, August 11, 1999
at the Academy House, Philadelphia PA

Simon Woods – Artistic Administrator, Philadelphia Orchestra
Joseph H. Kluger – President, Philadelphia Orchestra
Edward Cambron – Marketing and Patron Services Director, Philadelphia Orchestra
Brian Atwood – Assistant Director of Communications, Philadelphia Orchestra
Frank J. Oteri – Editor, NewMusicBox @ the American Music Center

Interview transcribed by Jennifer Allen Cooper

  1. Why An All-20th Century Season?
  2. Are There Two Different 20th Centuries?
  3. Commissioning And Recording
  4. Programming American Music
  5. How To Introduce Audiences To 20th Century Music
  6. Promotion And Education
  7. The Future

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