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5 thoughts on “The Power of Persuasion

  1. Kieren MacMillan

    As a classical music lover (player, composer, and audience), I can say without qualification that the current schemas for cataloging, indexing, and searching databases of classical music are woefully inadequate. The largest providers (e.g., iTunes) are some of the worst culprits.

    As an highly-experienced computer programmer with a specialty in relational databases, I can also testify that a minimally-adequate schema, while not trivial, is hardly rocket surgery. It’s simply clear that nobody — including me, I hasten to admit — has taken the time to build it correctly.

    There is an immense market opportunity for someone out there. As with all things, it will eventually happen — the only question is, how long will we have to wait?

  2. Owen Davis

    Just put in my two-cents on the page. Thanks for the great article, Rob. I’m excited to be apart of this vibrant community of New Music composers (listeners).


  3. Jeff Harrington

    One work-around I’ve used with my tracks (some of which I’ve only found out were online from friends!) is to make playlists. Then, your composer name comes out with the track association. A hack, yup…

  4. Eric Gewirtz

    Thank you, Rob, for addressing this issue. The lack of a composer field is a great omission on their part. When classical music marketers and pr reps (like myself) promote their concerts, they often do it with two relevant pieces of information: music creator (ie composer) and music maker (ie performer). It’s easy to find Joshua Bell playing violin, but the database field lacking is what he’s playing. The composer is one of the most vital pieces of information to classical music, and they have made a sore mistake in leaving it out. I’ll note, in addition to this, I personally detest the iTunes 11 reformatting, as it leaves out an easy way to search by “composer” when under classical.

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