Tod Machover: Technology and the Future of New Music

Tod Machover: Technology and the Future of New Music

Tod Machover Comp/struction set
Fabric Ball Musical Jacket TransFlow Room, Meteorite Museum, Essen, Germany

Tod Machover; Comp/struction set
Bottom: Fabric Ball; Musical Jacket; TransFlow Room, Meteorite Museum, Essen Germany
Photo credits
Top: Tod Machover — Webb Chappell; Comp/struction set — Maggie Orth
Bottom: Fabric Ball, Musical Jacket, Transflow Room — MIT Media Laboratory

Wednesday, August 18, 1999 from 4:00 – 6:00 PM
at the MIT Media Labs, Cambridge MA

Tod Machover – Composer and Director of Hyperinstruments/Opera-of-the-Future Group, MIT Media Lab
Frank J. Oteri – Editor, NewMusicBox @ the American Music Center

Interview transcribed by Jennifer Allen Cooper

  1. From Sgt. Pepper to IRCAM
  2. Classic Hyperinstruments
  3. John Cage and Structure
  4. Interactive Music
  5. Musical Nose and Sea Anemone
  6. Theremin
  7. What Instrument Are You Wearing Today?
  8. Elevator Music
  9. Opera
  10. An Early Electronic Instrument Movement?

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