What makes you attend a music event? Dean Stein

What makes you attend a music event? Dean Stein

Dean Stein
Photo © Peter Schaaf

Executive Director, Chamber Music America

I’ve always been a bit of a history buff — not so much academically as romantically. For example, I love the theater and try to see the off-off, off and Broadway productions that crowd a typical New York season – experimental works, revivals, classics, “star” vehicles. When I’m at the theater, I feel that I’m part of a vast continuum of emotions. Lately, I’ve been thinking about hearing live, new music concerts in a similar way.

Music written now is also part of a continuum, only the “medium” is different. Beckett’s spare plays challenge audiences (and actors) as the works of Morton Feldman challenge listeners and performers. Writing music, like writing plays, has been happening for centuries. The history buff in me wants to hear what writers and composers have to say about my own time.

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