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Who are you championing today?

Who are you championing today?

Is your local orchestra programming/university curriculum/conference speaker line-up a little light on the voices of women? Has someone looked you in the eye and shrugged it off, since the field is “mostly men” and so it’s difficult to discover what women are even creating? Through the years here on NewMusicBox, we’ve had some deep chats about gender and creativity, improvements in gender parity, explored the challenges to professional advancement for women, and even made some long lists for those looking to expand their horizons. We’ve also profiled the work of many female creators in the field right here on NewMusicBox. In celebration of #InternationalWomensDay, here are just a few examples for your back pocket the next time you meet someone who is having trouble finding any ladies in the house. There are plenty more in the archives!

Missy Mazzoli: Communication, Intimacy, and Vulnerability

Laurie Spiegel: Grassroots Technologist

Matana Roberts: Creative Defiance

Sarah Kirkland Snider: The Full 360

Singing It: Generations in Jazz

Paola Prestini: Following Her Vision

Lisa Bielawa: Fire Starter

Nadia Sirota: Lyrical Attraction

Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Goose Bumps in the Candy Shop

Chaya Czernowin: A Strange Bridge Toward Engagement

Du Yun: No Safety Net

Melinda Wagner: It’s Just Who I Am

Caroline Shaw: Yes, a Composer, but Perhaps not a Baker!

Mary Jane Leach: Sonic Confessions

Miya Masaoka: Social and Sonic Relationships

Eve Beglarian: In Love with Both Sound and Language

Arlene Sierra: The Evolution of Process

Exponential: The Music of Zoë Keating

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